Aggressive and Effective Robbery Representation
At the McDonnell Law Firm, our burglary defense attorneys

A robbery is a criminal offense that involves someone taking something from another person using some threat, force, or fear tactic. This is considered a felony offense, and the burglary defense attorneys at the McDonnell Law Firm are prepared to hear your side of the story.

We always recommend that people facing burglary charges find the guidance of a robbery defense attorney for a very important reason: The punishments that fit these crimes can be severe and alter someone’s life for the worse. A person who is convicted of a crime can face substantial fines as well as lengthy prison sentences. These convictions carry the weight of holding a felony over your head as well, which will affect future job and relationship prospects. It is also a strike offense, so it will greatly detriment anyone who already has strikes on their record, or who may wind up with another felony strike in the future. If a weapon or firearm was used in the robbery, then the punishments may compound heavily.

Our burglary defense attorneys have seen a lot of cases like these over the years, and too often we have seen minor events that did not amount to robbery painted in the worst terms for our clients. There is no reason someone should have to face robbery convictions if the event surrounding what happened does not add up to a robbery charge.

This is one of the many things our robbery defense attorneys will examine in your case, as they prepare the best possible defense to either protect you from undue punishments. Otherwise, they will negotiate and use their knowledge of the system to help bring down the charges to something that will not go on to negatively affect the rest of your life.

Everyone deserves a shot at a fair trial, and the robbery defense attorneys at McDonnell Law Frim aim to give you just that.

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