Juvenile Delinquency

Our juvenile crimes attorneys also have experience representing minors who are facing juvenile charges or are under investigation for criminal activity. While minors may face less stringent sentencing and criminal record implications, juvenile offenses can have a devastating impact on a child’s life into adulthood and should not be taken lightly. We can help your child confront his or her mistakes and seek a fresh start before it is too late.

If a younger family member is currently facing a delinquent act charge, it is imperative that you give them a chance to keep their life on track by supporting them with the help of one of our professional juvenile crimes attorneys. This is a very serious matter that could negatively affect them in school and as they get closer to transitioning into adulthood.

The McDonnell Law Firm juvenile crimes lawyers have over 40 years of experience providing effective defense for juveniles facing trial in juvenile, and sometimes, adult court. Juvenile court trials are very similar to adult court trials, only they are designed to take on younger persons who are being charged with crimes by counseling and educating the children as well as offering the opportunity to seek rehabilitation. There are still chances that your minor could face incarceration in a juvenile detention facility, as well as face probation periods. These types of sentences can block forward progress in anyone’s lives, especially if you are a minor who has yet to mature into adulthood.

The juvenile crimes attorneys at McDonnell law firm take these cases as serious as any other case. They do their best to defend the future opportunities of the minor, especially if it is determined that the charges against them are not representative of what occurred. Everyone deserves a chance at a fair trial, especially when they are facing the juvenile court system.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

If your minor is facing juvenile delinquency charges in Orange County or Los Angeles County (Anaheim, Orange, Garden Grove, Buena Park, Fullerton) and they need an experienced juvenile crimes attorney,contact The McDonnell Law Firm today. We offer free consultations, are available 24-7 by appointment, and members of our staff speak Spanish.