Finding a Fraud Defense Attorney in Anaheim

What is fraud, exactly? Fraud has to do with a range of offenses that typically involve the misrepresentation or concealment of the truth by way of deceitful actions, statements, or activity that one party knowingly enacts upon another. At its base, it means someone lied to someone else. The types of fraud are different, as are the severity of the punishments. If you are currently accused of fraud, you need the expertise and guidance of a fraud defense attorney who understands how these types of charges play out, what the laws are surrounding them, and how you can best defend yourself against the direst of repercussions.

Some of the white-collar crimes that are considered fraud are investment fraud, credit card fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud, forgery, mail fraud, wire fraud, and racketeering.

As you can imagine, any one of those are severe and concerning crimes, as they not only place the victims in a scenario where they can lose out financially, but it significantly traumatizes them in that it affects trust in such a negative way. People have lost their savings, homes, finances, jobs, and lives because of devious, fraudulent activity, and for that reason, the consequences are harsh. Depending on what type of fraud was committed and the gravity of its effects, you can face prison time, lose specific rights, pay huge fines and restitution to victims, or face parole or probationary terms.

It is for that reason that you should make finding the right fraud defense attorney an imperative in the event that you are facing fraud charges. If you live in Anaheim, California, or the communities of Garden Grove, Buena Park, Orange, or Fullerton, and you need the help of a fraud defense attorney, then contact the McDonnell Law Firm today for a free consultation. For more than four decades, The McDonnell Law Firm has provided exceptional representation for criminal defendants in state and federal courts throughout Orange County and Southern California. Their experienced fraud defense lawyers will help you prepare for the bouncy road up ahead, and help you increase the odds of securing a more favorable outcome.