Experienced Orange County Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer Represents Clients Through all Phases of a Case

Seeking Skilled Representation During an Investigation May Help You Avoid Criminal Charges

Even a casual friendship with the wrong person can place anyone in the middle of a frightening federal criminal investigation. If that investigation leads to criminal charges, defendants face prosecution by powerful and well-prepared federal attorneys in a court system that differs significantly from state courts. They also face harsh penalties if they are convicted.

Anyone under suspicion by the federal government most likely is aware of the criminal investigation. Even if federal agents question you about someone else, you should seek immediate legal representation. Contacting the Orange County criminal defense law firm of The McDonnell Law Firm early in the investigation provides us the best opportunity to prepare the thorough defense you need — or prevent criminal charges entirely.

The FBI Investigates an Extensive Array of Crimes

Federal crimes can include many crimes often prosecuted at the state and local level, and they pertain to criminal activities that apply strictly to federal law. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) plays an integral role in investigating virtually any imaginable federal crime, including the following:

  • International and domestic terrorism
  • Counterintelligence, such as espionage activities on U.S. soil and economic espionage
  • Cyber crime, including hacking, Internet fraud and identity theft
  • Public corruption, such as government fraud and election fraud
  • White collar crimes, ranging from money laundering to fraud
  • Violent crime and major thefts, including gang activities, art theft, bank robbery, gang violence and violent crimes against children

These investigations are extremely thorough, often extending over years. Agents typically question friends and family of their targets, dig into financial records and even use various forms of electronic surveillance and sting operations to develop airtight cases before they file charges.

The investigative phase provides targeted individuals with the opportunity to begin their legal defense. In fact, clients in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim and throughout Orange County who are innocently in the crossfire of an investigation can potentially prevent charges against them by seeking our representation as early as possible during the investigative process.

Federal Criminal Convictions Carry Harsh Penalties

Judges in state courts typically have the ability to apply a significant amount of discretion when sentencing convicted offenders. However, federal judges use strict sentencing guidelines based on the nature of crime, the criminal history of the offender and other possible factors. Federal criminal convictions typically carry any combination of substantial fines and time in a federal prison, with little chance for parole.

Contact Us as Soon as You Become Aware of a Federal Investigation

Even a poorly worded response to a seemingly innocent question can lead to federal charges against you. This is why it makes sense to seek skilled representation before talking with federal agents for any reason — even if they want to talk about someone else. At The McDonnell Law Firm, we help protect your rights during investigations, and we have the skills and experience to help level the playing field if you need to defend yourself against federal authorities in court. Call us at 562.352.8708 or contact us online to learn how we can help you resolve your legal issues. We offer free initial consultations, accept all major credit cards and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by appointment. Members of our staff speak Spanish. Se habla español.