An Experienced Orange County Drug Crime Lawyer Protects the Rights of Defendants

Skilled Defense against the Harsh Penalties of California Drug Laws

Even a conviction for a relatively minor California drug crime can result in severe penalties, often including substantial jail sentences. While the law provides the courts with sentencing discretion, defendants need experienced criminal defense attorneys with the local skills and knowledge to persuade prosecutors and judges toward leniency.

With decades of trial experience and an in-depth understanding of criminal law and procedure, the Orange County criminal defense attorneys at The McDonnell Law Firm explore all avenues to help our clients obtain the best possible results for their cases.

California Takes Drug Crimes Seriously

The penalties imposed for breaking drug laws vary based on the type of drug, the quantity and the activity. State laws classify drugs into Schedules, as follows:

  • Schedule I drugs are considered the most serious because there is a high potential for abuse and no recognized medical use.
  • Schedule II drugs also have a high potential for abuse, but they include a number of narcotics such as opium, morphine and codeine, that also have some recognized medical uses under severe restrictions.
  • Schedule III, IV and V drugs are commonly prescribed, but they are also subject to illegal use.

The California Health and Safety Code applying to Schedule III, IV and V drugs can impose any combination of fines, jail sentences and community service for possession of controlled substances. While the penalties are subject to the discretion of the court, jail sentences can be as high as four years. Any form of trafficking typically earns convicted offenders prison sentences of up to nine years.

California Marijuana Laws

State laws pertaining to marijuana (frequently called weed or cannabis) fall under a different area of California Health and Safety Code. While illegal marijuana possession convictions typically result in a fine, offenders can potentially face some prison time. Penalties increase if the crime took place in or near a school. Similarly, anyone convicted of any form of illegal marijuana trafficking faces significant prison time as well.

Of course, California medical marijuana laws permit individuals with qualified medical needs and their caregivers to obtain marijuana upon recommendation by a physician. However, if authorized patients or their caregivers provide medical marijuana to other individuals, they can face the same penalties established for illegal marijuana use and trafficking.

How We Develop an Effective Defense

Even when the prosecution has evidence against you, the experienced drug crime defense attorneys at The McDonnell Law Firm take a multi-faceted approach. We begin by examining the details of the arrest procedures and how the evidence was obtained to determine if your constitutional rights were violated. We can also use our familiarity with the local courts in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim, and throughout the Southern California to negotiate sentencing alternatives or reduced penalties on behalf of our clients.

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If you or a loved one faces drug arrest or drug possession charges in Anaheim, California, you need an experienced drug arrest/possession defense lawyer who understands the ever-changing state drug laws and the complex legal process. Drug arrests for possession for sale of narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine carry significant punishments and demand professional representation. Arrests for drug possession of narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine may carry lesser charges though they may still pose a grave threat to your reputation and livelihood. At The McDonnell Law Firm, we focus on protecting the rights of our clients as we guide them through each step of the complex legal process involving drug arrest charges.

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