In Need of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Anaheim?

John would not soon forget the night he first found out that he needed a criminal defense lawyer to help him out of a predicament that was beyond his control. Nonetheless, he was victim to it, and he needed immediate relief when it came to understanding his rights and defending himself against something that he did not know how to respond to. An ex-lover of John’s had reported him to police, saying that he had assaulted her, leaving her covered in bruises across her arms and chest. Yes, John had seen her earlier that night, to drop off some of her belongings, but the exchange was dry, brief, and non-confrontational.

Early the next morning, however, he was woken by police at his door, informing him of the accusations of his ex-lover. Not knowing how to react, John complied with police and went with them for questioning. He knew that things could turn out very seriously for him if he did not find the counsel of a skilled criminal defense attorney. No doubt about it, John was in a significant amount of duress for having to face this. It was a scary notion that he could be held accountable for something so terrible that he did not commit.

John’s story is not unique, and it is not limited to events involving assault and battery. Criminal activity covers a broad range of actions, and people are falsely accused and convicted on these grounds all too often. The unfortunate and life-altering consequences of a false accusation include complete derailment of the accused’s life. While crimes are serious and deserve punishment, those who did not commit the crimes do not deserve to be punished for them.

If you need the expertise of a criminal defense lawyer in the city of Anaheim, California, or the surrounding communities of Orange, Garden Grove, Buena Park, Fullerton, then contact the McDonnell Law Firm today, and find out how to start fighting for your rights today. You owe it to yourself and your future to find a criminal defense lawyer who can help you resolve your issue and move on with your life.

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