Fight for What is Fair with a DUI Lawyer

Remember the night you met your DUI lawyer? You were out celebrating your best friend’s last day in town before he moved out of state. Needless to say, it was an important event for you and everyone who attended, and it called for some celebratory type interaction. Shots were poured, bottles downed, hugs dispensed, and laughter echoed throughout the pub while songs reminiscent of old times belted out of the new-age jukebox. You knew this day was coming, and you did your best to send your friend off before his big change.

Keeping in mind you would have to drive home, you took it a little easier than you would have liked to. You had an uncle who had his life derailed by a DUI charge in his 40s, and you do not want to repeat family history on that. On the way home, however, some of the friends that were with you that night pulled up next to you at a red light. You both took the racing positions and revved your engines for the green light to flash on. When green hit, you both took off, not with any real competition in mind, but just having one last laugh before the night’s end. That’s when the green light was swamped out of your rearview mirror by flashing red and blue lights. Not good.

The officer was stern with you, and he asked you to take a breathalyzer test after you admitted to having a few drinks that night. It was then that you blew a 0.08%, and the letters D-U-I became a more significant aspect of your life, as did your DUI lawyer.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, your best option to understand your rights and look for the best possible outcome for your case. The penalties associated with DUI offenses can be enough to stall or shatter your livelihood. If you live in Anaheim, California, or the communities of Orange, Garden Grove, Buena Park, or Fullerton, and you need a skilled DUI attorney, don’t hesitate to enlist the McDonnell Law Firm.

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