Domestic Violence

The McDonnell Law Firm’s experience working as domestic violence attorneys has helped many of our clients propel their cases towards less severe consequences. When domestic violence charges are brought forth, it is important to note the severity of the repercussions that could follow. The stakes are extremely high not only for the defendant but if they have children, it could also affect them negatively as well. A conviction on the grounds of domestic violence could compromise your right to see your children to the point where you cannot see them. One of our expert domestic violence attorneys will help you present your defense in a way that you will minimize the impact upon your right to see your children.

These types of cases are often very emotionally charged, especially since a conviction could depend on the testimony of someone close to you. As a manner of preparing your defense, our domestic violence lawyers will conduct an independent investigation of the charges that have been filed against you and uncover any inconsistencies in the provided testimony. The domestic violence attorney’s investigation will also discover and highlight weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, which could have the overall effect of protecting your rights and keeping your family together.

The laws and definitions in California surrounding domestic violence are complicated. These types of cases sometimes involve criminal cases and family law cases, since it might result in the termination of a relationship. Such terminations often include separation of possessions and disputes over child custody. The accuser might also take a civil court case up against the accused as well. If the accused is a public official, a licensed professional, or an employee of a job that requires background clearances, this type of conviction can compromise their job stability and specific rights that directly affect their job, such as gun ownership rights.

The McDonnell Law Firm domestic violence attorneys have dealt with many cases where people’s livelihoods were under threat of drastic and severe change. We will use our experience and expertise in navigating these types of legal proceedings to help you protect yourself from the direst of consequences, helping you to close this chapter of your life and move forward.

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